Business Retreats

131102_105257_8346Finding a fresh perspective away from the office; an opportunity to gather colleagues from different locations; taking time to consider, ponder and reflect on your past, present and future; a retreat is a valuable business tool.  

The Ambridge Event Center’s warm, inviting spaces can give you the room you need to refresh, rejuvenate, re-think and revitalize your staff.  Whether you are contemplate change, developing exciting new directions, re-vamping your culture, celebrating accomplishments, or charting the future, you can focus on your meeting agenda and leave the venue coordination to us.  Our staff will set-up rooms to your specifications, with A/V, chart packs and markers, white boards and easels.  The professional atmosphere will keep things focused, and calm environment offers space for contemplation and reflection.

Our catering kitchen can provide plenty of nourishing meals and snacks.  Our convenient location, parking and access to public transportation will make getting here a breeze.

Testimonials, General

The Ambridge facility is beautiful, and it’s quieter than a hotel where people are coming and going all the time. 
Caroline A.Pure Color LLC
They served a plated meal of salmon, steak, and ravioli. It was all delicious. Would definitely recommend this place.
Benjon P.
The people who attend our career fairs at Ambridge comment that it’s a good-looking venue and a very convenient location. When I find a venue like Ambridge that I like, I stick with it!
It’s more than just renting space, the staff at the Ambridge Center provides an old fashioned hospitality that says, “welcome to our home.”
I’ve seen my fair share of ballrooms and big meeting spaces, but this is the first time I remember actually being impressed with one. Highly recommended.
They have large spaces for sales meetings and  food shows plus smaller breakout rooms, and this combination works very well for us.
Pamela L.
Their customer service is fantastic, and the price point is awesome! Other venues nickel-and-dime you – not Ambridge.
Caroline A.Pure Color LLC
I’m really pleased with the Ambridge staff.  They notice that we need things before we do!
I can’t say enough good things about Ambridge. Their staff are uniformly excellent — friendly and responsive to all of our requests. It’s close to mass transport, and their parking options are very popular with our clients.
The space works really well for the 250 people we need to accommodate for each event. The location is central and there’s plenty of parking.
Eli R.