Press Release

NOVEMBER 10,2016

Holladay Investors Inc., owner of the Ambridge Event Center announced the acquisition of The Melody Ballroom. The Melody ballroom will continue to operate as a separate business, with Ambridge Event Center General Manager Gary Sorrels overseeing both locations/

The Ambridge Event Center is well known for its numerous break-out rooms, central Lloyd District location, and infinitely flexible, thoroughly professional and warmly accommodating service. The Melody Ballroom is known for its beautiful Grand Ballroom, creative food service and historic Central Ease Side location.

For over 30 years, Melody Ballroom owners Bruce and Kathleen Kaad have built a solid reputation providing a one of a kind setting for some of Portland’s most unique events. “We are excited to renovate the historic Melody Ballroom building and expand our social event business,” says Gary Sorrels, Ambridge Event Center General Manager. “Both businesses complement each other extremely well and we are very excited about the potential synergy.


Locally based in Portland, Oregon, Holladay Investors, Inc, is the owner of the Ambridge Event Center. For almost 30 years, owner Alan Peters has been a familiar face in the Lloyd District. From personally parking cars to successfully navigating large real estate deals, no job is too big or small for Mr. Peters. For more information about the Ambridge Event Center visit For more information about The Melody Ballroom visit

Contact Information:

Gary Sorrels
General Manager
Ambridge Event Center